Getting Pre-approved for a Home Loan
Short 4 minute video on the importance of getting pre-approved for your home loan before you start house hunting, and what to expect during the pre-approval process.    
Native American FHA 184 Home Loan
Are you Native American? Did you know that there is an AWESOME FHA insured home loan program just for you? Watch this video to learn more!

Mortgage Lending 101 presents some good solid advice on the basics of getting a home loan in a fun video. When you are ready to get serious, contact one of our Certified Home Buying Advisors at (405) 590-6563 for a free consultation session, and a referral to a local qualified mortgage lender that can help you, based on your specific and unique needs.

Do You Have Equity In Your Home?
If you have equity in your home, you have options on how to tap into that money. Here are 4 options on how you can, and what you might possibly use that money for.