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I produced this short video to discuss the importance of hiring the right real estate agent and trusting that agent to help you. You may download the report mentioned in the video by going HERE   ( )
Recap of the article here: 3 Questions You Need to Ask if thinking of buying a home... 3 Questions You Need to Ask if thinking of buying a home... Here is link to the article:

This video discusses 7 of the most important areas of your home you should concentrate on when preparing your home for sale. For a free copy of my report, "44 Moneymaking Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell", visit and order your free, no cost, no obligation copy today.

Angry and Frustrated Your Home Didn't Sell?
If you are Baby Boomer, maybe it's time to rethink your housing options. Time to downsize? Relocate to be closer to the kids, grandkids, and even great grandchildren? we explore your options and find out how much you could NET on the sale of your home so you can make an informed decision in this short video

Fixer uppers present a great opportunity to purchase a home way below market, but financing the purchase AND the rehab has been problematic.  This video discusses a great solution for some home buyers to get their "Perfect" home and still get a great deal.
If you have equity in your home, you have options on how to tap into that money. Here are 4 options on how you can, and what you might possibly use that money for.

Short 4 minute video on the importance of getting pre-approved for your home loan before you start house hunting, and what to expect during the pre-approval process.    
Learn how one seller lost $36,000 on the sale of his home from these simple mistakes uses humor and a pretty girl to make some serious points about home buying.  Things you should consider seriously before making that big move. For expert advise, contact one of our Certified Home Buying Advisors at (405) 590-6563.  The service is free and there is never any obligation to purchase, or even go look at, a home. presents some good solid advice on the basics of getting a home loan in a fun video. When you are ready to get serious, contact one of our Certified Home Buying Advisors at (405) 590-6563 for a free consultation session, and a referral to a local qualified mortgage lender that can help you, based on your specific and unique needs.

Are you Native American? Did you know that there is an AWESOME FHA insured home loan program just for you? Watch this video to learn more!

This video discusses the importance of pricing your home to sell correctly at the very beginning. Pricing too high can actually cost you money, even if you do get a higher price.

You pick the home you want to buy, we buy it, and you move in on our exclusive Rent to Own program! Perfect if you have some dinged up credit but want or need to buy now!

Thinking of trying to sell your home For Sale by Owner (FSBO)? Short video explains why that might be a bad idea.

Is buying a "smart home", or upgrading your current home to a "Smart" home, a good idea?  Maybe.  Maybe not...
Are you still renting a house or apartment? Explore your options to buy. Short video shows you how to get started.

This video discusses the 3 things that sell homes, Price, Condition and Marketing.  Mess up any one of these, and you risk failure, or worse, losing thousands of dollars on the sale of your home.
Short video explains the home buying process, from getting approved for a home loan, to searching for just the right property at the right price, negotiating the price and terms, inspection phase all the way to the closing table.

This video walks you through all the steps in the Home Selling process, from preparing your home to sell, finding the right listing agent, negotiating the best deal, the inspections, and finally the closing.

Are you considering purchasing a home? First time home buyer or experienced buyer, this video might help get you started on the right foot.

Watch this short video before you go shopping for a new construction home, built or to be built.  It could save you thousands of dollars and keep you from getting ripped off.
Are you considering about putting your home on the market? This short video explains how to get started the right way!

Having trouble getting your home sold? This short video explains 3 options that you may have not considered using "creative" financing options to bring in more buyers.