Real Estate Attorney

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Law Office of Jared Boren, LLC
512 NW 12th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Helping Real Estate Agents, Home Owners, and Mineral Owners Navigate the Complex Legal Landscapes of Real Estate and Mineral Ownership

The Law Office of Jared Boren is more than just a law practice.  It’s an idea.  Everyone deserves the best legal representation possible.  Not just an elite few, but everyone.  We provide this representation on a daily basis, utilizing cutting edge technologies, our skills and education, and good old fashioned hard work.​

Representation by an attorney can mean the difference between justice and injustice.  Pride and prejudice.  Equality and inequality.  A good legal team can protect the interests of those assailed by mistreatment, greed, and the legal system itself.

At the Law Office of Jared Boren your Real Estate rights and interests are our concern.  Give us a call or schedule an appointment today, and let us represent you.
(405) 633-0398