Thinking of new construction home?  Below is a list of quality builders in the Edmond OK area.

WORD OF WARNING!  Do no go unrepresented!  Hire a professional, knowledgeable BUYER AGENT to represent you when negotiating with the builder – ANY BUILDER.   Remember, the builder’s representative on site (or in the model home) works for the builder, NOT YOU.  A buyers agent works for YOU, and has your best interest at heart.  And since we sell a lot more homes than you probably do, doesn’t it make sense to use a buyers agent?  And do not fall for that line, “if there is no agent involved, we can give you a better deal”.  That’s bunk.  The builder has already factored in the agent’s commission, and by not using your own agent to represent you, you really are NOT getting a better deal.  You are just helping the builder make more profit.  And you run the risk of being mis-lead or worse.


4Corners Homes, (405) 753-4484,

Homes by Taber, (405) 639-4663,

French Construction, (405) 677-4426,

Neal McGee Homes, (405) 216-0098,

The Roberts Group, 405) 359-0275,

Landmark Fine Homes Model Homes, (405) 292-5263,

Turner & Son Homes, (405) 285-2856,

Shawn Forth Custom Homes,  (405) 359-2205,

Q5 Custom Homes, (405) 696-9555,

Red Rock Builders, (405) 341-9911,

McCaleb Homes, (405) 341-1114,

Punnett Construction, (405) 888-5285,

Capstone Estates, (405) 570-3034,

Matteson Custom Homes(405) 513-3555,

Matt Wilson Custom Homes, (405) 348-0554,


This is by no means a complete list, and there are other fine builders who can build your custom home in the Edmond area.  Please call us to discuss your needs and we can refer you to just the right builder for you.