Whether you’re prepping your home for sale, or plan on enjoying it for years to come, getting it into tip-top shape should be a high priority. A priority, mind you, that doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s a list of 18 satisfying home upgrades that you can perform yourself with little to no specialized knowledge or experience.

1. Learn how to cheaply and easily make an ugly backsplash a thing of the past.


2. Tired of that ugly ceiling light cover? Want to focus the light on a smaller area? This DIY shows how to create a drum shade for your ceiling light.


3. For vanity updates, grey is the new black. Here’s a DIY to create your very own modern, concrete-style vanity.


4. If you would like a little more privacy without cutting the lighting down too much, try frosting your windows with cornstarch.


5. You can hang a curtain from the ceilings to create the illusion of a larger shower. Giving your rod a few coats using gold spray paint adds a nice touch too.


6. Upgrade those boring cabinets with this shaker style DIY.


7. You can also create that beadboard country-cabinet look with a simple wallpaper job.


8. Enhance your closet racks with elegant end-brackets. See how here.


9. Add an extra dimension of style to your flatscreen TV by framing it using various moldings and trim.


10. By half painting a wall, it will make the room seem quite a bit taller.


11. Use some inexpensive frames to upgrade any boring light switches.


12. Turn that plain jane cabinet into something amazing with some basic molding and a fresh paint job.


13. Make your rug nice and plush by using carpet underlayment.


14. See this DIY for the details on un-staining and restaining your wooden furniture.


15. Here’s a great example of how to upgrade your bathroom mirror with the appropriate trim.


15 Easy DIYs To Consider Doing Before Selling Your Home
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