A Quick Peek At Flooring Options For Your New Home

Something a lot of folks don’t think about when buying a new home is the type of flooring in the house.  But really, it is important not only for the aesthetic look of your new home but also as far as maintenance and upkeep.

Here is a quick rundown of different flooring options you may find while out there shopping for a new home in the Scottsdale area.

1. Basic Laminate Flooring is among the most common type of flooring you will find.  One reason it is so popular is because it can mimic the look of wood or tile, but costs substantially less to install and maintain.   Because laminate is also very durable you will find it in a lot of bathrooms, laundry rooms and areas that get high traffic and potentially…. lots of dirt.

Something to keep in mind is that if you do need to replace some flooring in a new home, laminate is an option that you may be able to install yourself.

2. Vinyl flooring.  Vinyl is installed both as a tile or sheet.  Vinyl is excellent for office space, laundry rooms or other areas that are subject to get dirty quickly as vinyl is simple to clean and maintain.  On the more technical front: “vinyl tile” is either solid vinyl or vinyl composition while the “vinyl sheet” can be layered composite, homogeneous, or inlaid.

3. Tile & stone flooring.  Tile flooring can come in a vast array of designs, colors and sizes.  You’ll find old school ceramic tile or even top of the line imported granite.  Tile and stone are very popular in higher end homes as well as high traffic areas, again because they are so easy to keep clean and maintain.

4. Wood flooring.  This is my personal favorite.  Wood flooring is one of the most popular and sought after flooring available.  You can find a wide variety of looks.  Anything from a wood floor that looks like it used to be the side of a barn to a beautiful hardwood with hand made artistic inserts.  There really are a ton of wood-flooring options available out there.  You can select the best wood that will be used for your flooring that can truly reflect your own personality.  The most popular choices include “Red Oak” for its distinctive grain, resilience, and natural beauty evident in earth toned colors, “bamboo” because of its uniqueness and stability, “Patagonian rosewood” popularly called Brazilian tigerwood which is considered as the hardest of all the woods being used for flooring, “Jatoba” also known as Brazilian Cherry which is considered as a solid and weighty wood that has interesting hues ranging browns to oranges, “Lapacho” popularly known as Brazilian Walnut for its sophisticated look highlighted by its distinctive hues ranging from brown to green, and the “Grapia” also called Ivorywood because of its unique types and color variations including maple, green, and orange hues that gives you more choices.

Some Flooring Options For Your New Home

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